Taapsee Pannu Quipped On Income Tax Raid, Wrote- I Am No Longer ‘cheap’!

Taapsee Pannu Quipped On Income Tax Raid, Wrote- I Am No Longer ‘cheap’! – On 3 March, the tax Department raided the house of Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu and director Anurag Kashyap while taking big action.

It had been being told that this raid was wiped out reference to the evasion of Phantom filmconsistent with the newest updates, the tax Department has questioned Anurag Kashyap and Tapsee Pannu till late night within the matter of the irregularity of 650 crores tax. Amidst all this, now three days later, silence has been broken on the allegations made by Tapsee Pannu.

Taapsee Pannu tweeted- ‘Intensive search of three things in three days- 1. Key thereto bungalow in Paris which is strictly mine, as summer holidays are arising . 2. The stated receipt of 5 crores which is for the longer term because I refused to receive the cash . 3. consistent with our honorable minister of finance , in 2013 I had Reds here… P.S- Now ‘not so cheap’.

Taapsee Pannu Quipped On Income Tax Raid, Wrote- I Am No Longer ‘cheap’!

Significantly, IT department officials claimed that Tapsi was paid five crores cash and got his receipt from his house. At an equivalent time, minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman has said that without taking any name, similar action was taken in 2013, then nobody had raised a finger on the UPA government which is being made now. Tapasi has given a tweet on them.

It is clear from these tweets of Taapsee that on the idea of three things, his house was killed red. The actress has also expressed through these tweets that each one the allegations against her are false. Right now, where is that the investigation of the IT department reached and what’s their conclusion, most are expecting it.

Interrogation was held during a hotel in Pune on Friday

Please tell that on Friday night, the tax Department questioned Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu. During this point , both the vehicles were seen standing within the lobby of Hotel Sayaji of Pune. The IT department questioned him within the case of tax irregularities of 650 crores.

Policemen were also seen on the seventh floor of the hotel. However, the hotel management denied that Taapsee and Anurag are present within the hotel. But it’s clear from the photographs that both were present there because Tapsi and Anurag Kashyap’s car was seen within the parking lot of the hotel.

Earlier on Thursday evening, during a statement issued by the CBDT, it had been said that raids are conducted on the homes and offices of 5 Bollywood celebrities thanks to tax fraud. within the official statement of CBDT, it had been said that the investigation of two production companies of Scindia House, two talent management companies and an actress revealed the tax irregularity of 650 crores.

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