Star Plus Serials ‘Pratigya’ Returning After 10 Years With New Story & Old Characters

Star Plus Serials ‘Pratigya’ Returning After 10 Years With New Story & Old Characters – Pooja Gaur, is coming once more after 10 years with serial Pratigya. During a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Pooja talked about her eagerness, her comeback and what’s different in Season 2.

Star Bharat goes to start out very soon on Pratigya Season 2. In Season 1, the Pratigya and every one the opposite characters related to the show won the hearts of the audience which is why Pratigya is returning again during a completely new and different way . Pooja Gaur, who plays the Pratigya, did some reality shows in these 10 years and hosted Savdhaan India, but now she is making a comeback within the sort of pranks again.

Star Plus Serials ‘Pratigya’ Returning After 10 Years With New Story & Old Characters

In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Pooja said, I feel excellent I even have to return back from season 2, this is often often my very own show and this is my most played character and that i am excited to play the role of Pratigya again. i’m also a Navar this point tons of things are different in my character as he’s not only a daughter-in-law or a wife but also a mother during this season. And now that she has become a lawyer, she may be a working woman and it’ll be shown in how she handles her work and residential . As a mother, how she handles everything and the way she balances everything.

Further Pooja said, “It has been 9 years since the show ended but working with all the actors of Season 1, it doesn’t seem that we’ve passed 9 years.” Even now everything seems new and dealing with everyone gives tons of happiness. ”

Pooja Gaur considers herself lucky

Talking about her career, Pooja said, Pratigya was my second show but popularity and fame got me from this show and after the primary season was so successful, now come from the second season of an equivalent show which too within the character of Pratigya it’s a privilege on behalf of me . Because this happens to only a few people and after 10 years I even have got this opportunity i’m very lucky.

In the Pratigya season 1, the Krishna-Pratigya pair was highly liked. On this, Pooja says, People still like Krishna-Pratigya pair on-screen considerably and that we are excellent friends off-screen too. Our friendship has been 12 years and now it’s very happy for us to measure those self same characters and are available back in season 2. Hopefully during this season too, people will provides a lot of affection to the Pratigya-Krishna duo and also make this season a lover and audience hit like Pratigya season 1.

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