Indian Idol Live- Hema Malini Did Bharatanatyam, Video Viral On Social Media

Indian Idol Live – Hema Malini Did Bharatanatyam, Video Viral On Social Media – Bollywood’s Dream Girl Hema Malini has played the magic of her style on an enormous screen for several years. From his acting to dancing, every form has won the hearts of the audience. Now Hema Malini, who has become active in politics, has shown her old style font again after a few years . A video of the actress from the set of the truth show Indian Idol is becoming increasingly viral.

Indian Idol Live- Hema Malini Did Bharatanatyam, Video Viral On Social Media

Hema Malini’s beautiful dance

In the viral video, Hema Malini is doing Bharatanatyam. His style has surprised everyone and every one are being forced to praise him only. Now everyone knows that Hema may be a good Bharatanatyam dancer. On the set of Indian Idol, it had been so tied that even Dream Girl couldn’t stop herself from approaching stage.

He showed with great exaggeration that hardly anyone could dance like that better than him. All the people on the set also just kept watching that dance of Hema and will not be seen within the state of speaking anything.

Tribute to Hema Malini

Well, this point when Hema Malini will come on Show, then she goes to reveal more secrets of her life. From the within story of films to the romance with Dharmendra, the actress goes to place many aspects of her life ahead of the audience. During the episode, the contestants also will attempt to give them tributes by singing superhit songs of their films.

By the way, Dharmendra also took an entry on Indian Idol a couple of episodes ago. He too had exposed the key from many secrets and had told interesting things about Hema Malini. In such a situation, now most are wanting to know what Hema Malini says.

Will This Show stop?

Talking about Indian Idol 12, this show are often finished before the scheduled time thanks to low TRP. it’s being said that on March 27, the last episode of Show are going to be shown. After this, there’s an idea to bring Super Dancer 4 on air. the manufacturers hope that this dance show are going to be ready to catch up on the low TRP received by Indian Idol.

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