Bollywood Star Wars – From Slapping A Girl To Being Rude With Airport Staff , Aditya Narayan Came Under The Sway Of These Contraversions

Bollywood Star Wars – From Slapping A Girl To Being Rude With Airport Staff , Aditya Narayan Came Under The Sway Of These Contraversions – Indian Idol is among the 12 best reality shows. This show remains within the discussion for a few reason or the opposite . Contestants, judges, and therefore the host of the show need to be trolled for a few reason. The host of the show Aditya Narayan is additionally engulfed in controversy.

Bollywood Star Wars – From Slapping A Girl To Being Rude With Airport Staff , Aditya Narayan Came Under The Sway Of These Contraversions

He doesn’t take the name of the top of a dispute that a conflict has arisen over the opposite . Aditya often remains the topic of dialogue regarding controversies. allow us to know during which controversies the name of Aditya Narayan came up.

Discussed with airport staff

Talking about the primary dispute, it happened within the year 2017. When Aditya misbehaved with the airport staff. Actually, this matter is of Raipur Airport. When the host threatened all the prevailing staff at the airport. Let me tell you, the load of Aditya’s luggage was 40 kg more. Seeing this, the staff asked them to pay 13 thousand rupees. On which Aditya said angrily that he won’t give 13 thousand but only 10 thousand because it’ll not waste one rupee. There was tons of debate between Aditya and therefore the airport staff on this issue and that they did tons of disrespect to all or any the staff. During this point , he came during a lot of dialogue .

Arrest happened within the year 2018

Let us tell you that after the year 2017, host Aditya Narayan was also arrested within the year 2018. The case started in such how that he hit an auto rickshaw while driving fast, after which he was arrested on charges of killing him. Let me tell you, the lady who was sitting on the rickshaw had written a complaint against the host. However, during this point , Aditya didn’t run faraway from that place, but the lady and therefore the rickshaw driver were also admitted within the hospital.

Slapped a woman

Not only this, within the year 2011, Aditya Narayan got caught during a big controversy. This issue is of a pub where he was enjoying together with his friends and while drunk, he spoke something to a woman consistent with the news, it had been heard that the girl slapped him at that point , after which tons of scuffle happened .

Drama with Neha for TRP

Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar were considerably discussed during the show Indian Idol 11. He composed the marriage drama with Neha on the show for the show’s TRP. At that point there have been some reports that Neha and Aditya would make seven rounds on the set of the show itself. After taking note of which, his fans were very happy and excited. However, later it had been clear that each one this went for the TRP. After which Neha Kakkar married Rohanpreet Singh, while Aditya Narayan married Shweta Agarwal.

Amit Kumar Controversy

On the stage of Indian Idol 12, Amit Kumar had said after the Kishore Kumar special episode that he had praised the contestants with money from the manufacturers on the show. After which Aditya Narayan asks the present guests on the show Kumar Sanu, Roop Kumar Rathore and Anuradha Paudwal that the contestants you’ve got praised have done it wholeheartedly or have our team asked you to try to to so? Hearing this, all the audience trolled him tons .

Aditya apologized by sharing video

There is an uproar over a press release by Indian Idol 12 host Aditya. Raj Thackeray’s party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has accused the show of degrading Alibag. during this context, MNS also demanded an apology from the manufacturers on National TV. Now the host of the show Aditya Narayan has apologized with folded hands on the social media platform. This video of him remains viral on social media.