Bigg Boss 13 News – When Asim Became Background Dancer In Shahrukh’s Ad

Bigg Boss 13 News – When Asim Became Background Dancer In Shahrukh’s Ad – Asim Riaz, who reached the height of recognition through Bigg Boss Season 13, has seen tons of ups and downs in his career. Even before coming to Bigg Boss, Asim was trying to form his mark.

He wont to try from place to put , was also seen accepting every small and large offer. Now the best evidence of this has also been found. At this point , an old video of Asim has become increasingly viral. within the viral video, Asim is functioning with Shahrukh Khan.

Bigg Boss 13 News – When Asim Became Background Dancer In Shahrukh’s Ad

Asim worked with Shahrukh Khan

The viral video is of a TV ad where Asim are often seen standing behind Shahrukh. Shahrukh is seen performing some soap and Asim is standing as a backdancer. Ever since this video has gone viral on social media, most are looking forward to seeing Asim’s mehtan. Everyone feels that Asim may be a grounded artist who has worked hard. For the primary time, Asim has also reacted thereto video.

Asim told the story of Struggle

In an interview given to a news portal, Asim has told that this Ed is from 2013-14. She believed that this was the time when she started modeling. He then shifted to the new Mumbai. In such a situation, he had to try to to some work to run his expenses and water. Now because he had to fill his rent at that point , he said yes to the present ed with Shahrukh. Asim had said about this – at that point the model didn’t get much recognition. Nobody respected anyone, everyone felt that they were doing an equivalent thing. But that was all on behalf of me . My house wont to run with this.

Asim on career highs

Now seeing Asim’s answer and his viral ad, it are often said that he has sold enough papad to succeed in now . She also got an opportunity to seem in Bigg Boss when she earned some name in her modeling career. Now they need started reaping the fruits of that tough work. From actor music videos to several edits. Now he’s cast because the lead, he doesn’t play backdancer role for anyone.


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